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Top Voters [August]

PengBread OWNER posted Sep 5, 17

Top Voters of August

Another month has come to an end. Thanks to everyone who supported the server by voting in August. This is the top 4 voters of August. PM me for your rewards.

1st - Zepphox
2nd - Captaincatsbeard
3rd -  Princesstox
4th - Mikuelf

1st Place: $30 Store Voucher, 1 Mythic Key
2nd Place: $20 Store Voucher
3rd Place: $10 Store Voucher
4th Place: 1 Rare Key

P.S Sorry for the delay

Update 1.9 ( DATE )

PengBread OWNER posted Aug 30, 17

Hello Everyone! Today I'm bringing you another update!

Supply Drops
Every 2 hours there will be an envoy event in PvP Arena! Do /envoy to check the supply drop time!


Quests has been added back with a better plugin!

Dungeon Room

General Baston has been teleported to a new location which is in a room near the PvP Arena! This room will be used for Minigames such as Mobarena and more!

Other Updates:
- End and Nether reset
- Removed Spawner Pickaxe from Point Shop
- Balanced some jobs to fit the Server Economy
- Unidentified items drop rate has been increased to 8%
- Fishing contest prize buffed
- Towny explosion rollback disabled
- New items at blacksmith AKA relic shop
- Buffed Vote Rewards
- Dungeon Boss Relic Drop Buffed
- Timed Boss Drops buffed
- Added 35 days town inactive town auto disband
- Reduced Dungeon Boss Kill auto /spawn from 1 minute to 30 seconds.
- Jobs Perks -> Click for info LINK

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