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Update v2.0.1

PengBread OWNER posted 18 hours ago

Update v2.0.1
- Quest World ( Only Scavenger+ can access )
- Old quests removed [ Woodcutter, fishing, Miner etc quests ]
- New In-Game Currency [ Linium Ingot and Dragon Essence ]
- New Blacksmith Artifact Weapons
- Global Exp Boosters /exp boost [ Can be bought on Luminex Store ]
- New Dungeons [ D1 and D2 ], No more Maze. It is now an Arena for everyone to fight. The drop rate of relic on the small mobs has increased to 8% and the boss gives every damager relics too after its been killed.

Other Fixes and changes
- Fixed Mobarena , it is now playable.
- Player warps setup cost is free now
- End and Nether world reset

Some Infos -
- What is Linium Ingot?
Linium ingot is a new currency that can be only obtained at the Quest World. To get it, you need to 20 Linium ores to transform into 1 Linium Ingot. You can obtain those orea from quests in the quest world. Other than quests, you can kill those custom mobs in quest world to get them. They have a low chance of dropping Linium Ores.

- What is Dragon Essence?
Dragon essence is a new currency that can be obtained from the exchanger npc by exchanging it with 2 Dragon Eggs and 5 Dragon's breath.

- How to get to Quest World?
Talk to Quest Master

Hello Everyone!
Thank you for joining the first ever Luminex Selfie Contest! Today, I'm going to announce the winner of the second selfie contest!

The winner goes to ValentineX! Congratulations to ValentineX for your wonderful selfie!

Be sure to enter your selfies here to potentially win yourself a prize! This event will start again after update v2.01 released. We will choose a memorable "selfie" so if you think you have the instagram skills, try your luck!


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