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Update 1.8 (August 17)

PengBread OWNER posted Thu at 10:05

Another update is here but this time it's a small one

Voyager quartz ore has been nerfed by a little and magma block has increased by a little. Zombie pigmen and Endermen has been replaced with magma cube.
Hunter Job has been Buffed
Builder Job has been buffed
Jobs Boost Event is up now (CANADA TIMEZONE)
- Noon Boost Event 3pm to 5pm (x1.5 exp and money)
- Night Boost Event 8pm to 10pm (x1.5 exp and money)
- Weekend Boost Event 3pm to 5pm (x2 exp and money)
Nerfed Elf Race - Removed the Saturation effect due to godlike probs
Exchanger Price has been edited
From 35 relic to 30 relic > 1 lifecrystal
From 25 Lifecrystal to 20 lifecrystal > 1 Arcanestone
From 25 Arcanestone to 20 Arcanestone > 1 Mythic Gem

Update 1.7 (3rd August 2017)

PengBread OWNER posted Aug 3, 17

Another Server update is here!


You can crush tiered items such as ( Common > Legendary ) to Dusts which can be used to trade Essences ( Common essence etc) at the Crafter! The tinkerer is just beside the Blacksmith!

Town creation price
Town creation price has been increased to 10k , Nation to 30k and outpost 15k. This is because there are too many towns in the server.

Other Updates:
- End and Nether reset
- Updated some plugins
- Nerfed Jobs incomes to fit the server economy
- Fixed /ranks info

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