What is Guilds?
Guilds is a system which allows you to create a team and some role play addons. Guilds allow players to join interactive groups of other players, make their own communities in the server and have a general fun time. This system is only available in Edrien Realm.

Getting Started
To create your own guild, you'll need $10000 to create a new guild. Use the following command below to create your guild.
- /guild create

Once you created your guild, start by using it to claim a land to make that area as your Guild Home. Remember to set your Guild Home so that your guild members are able to get to the Guild Area.
- /guild claim [ claims the land you're currently standing on. size 15x15 radius ]
- /guild sethome [ sets guild home ]
- /guild home [ teleports to guild home ]

Furthermore, deposit money into your Guild bank by doing the bank command.
- /guild bank

Later on once you've gotten enough funds for your guild, you can upgrade your guild by doing /guild upgrade. There are 3 ranks for guilds. The higher your guild rank the more members you can have, better perks and many more!

You can also purchase buffs for your guild, there are tons of buff for you to select. Each buff is only 5 minute duration. There is also the guild vault which can be used by everyone, its a shared inventory. The higher your guild rank the better the perks. Below are the info of what each rank has.