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Towny daily upkeep too high

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Can you lower the daily upkeep a bit for having a town? If Towny is the only way to keep people from destroying your stuff...I shouldn't have to work extra hard to pay for that protection. I know as soon as I remove it - I will be calling a Mod daily to roll back spots, and that gets annoying to both parties. 100 day I could handle...I dont play on this server to make money to pay for upkeep - I come on to have a little fun an hour or two every few days. If I let it expire and hope no one messes with it - then I lose all the money I spent buying Towny Chunks.

I know why it was raised...but that means your loyal players have to pay a penalty for the fact others make towns and stop playing. Could you do $250 maybe? Please :) Compromise? Luckily I was told it was changed from 100 to 500 cause I only had 24 days left when I thought I had 120.
Posted Jul 25, 19 · OP · Last edited Jul 29, 19
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Hi Mirinesse
500 a day might seem like a lot but for one minute a day you can make double that just by /vote, it should give 1200 and even more with artisan rank
you can also make extra cash selling whatever keys you get, the player points and the mcmmo credits

Altogether you can get at least 5000 in a day
Voting 1.2k
6 Vote Keys ~3k
6 Player Points 1800
6 Mcmmo 600
and even more when you get a rare key which could be sold for 5k or less if you want the money faster

Instead you can just join a town and dont worry about the upkeep anymore
Posted Jul 30, 19