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Aurain Update [ 3.2 ]

By PengBread OWNER - Posted Jul 10, 19

Today I like to present you the new Quest Scroll which is the Tier 4 Quest scroll AKA Hell tier and some small updates.

Tier 4 Quest Scroll
This new quest scroll tier has been added to the server. The chances of getting this quest scroll is very low. So if you're lucky enough to get it, good luck.

Jobs perk
Once you reach level 50 on your selected job, you will receive a Tag that follows your job. For example, Farmer lvl 50 will receive Farmer Tag. To activate the tag, use the command /tags and select the respective tag.

New Fishes
Added 3 new fishes which are:
- Tilappia [ Rare ]
- Sturgeon [ Epic ]
- Basking Shark  [ Legendary ]

Minor updates that happened during the past weeks,
- End and nether reset on the 1st July
- New store design and link
- Edrien fixes [ player warps and crafter ]
- Updated Summer Crate
- New logo
- New Auction House system for Edrien

That's all for today's update. Thank you for all your supports and we hope that you continue to have fun playing in the server.

There will be some new updates too coming soon too.