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Aquatic Building Contest

PengBread OWNER posted Aug 17, 19

Aquatic Theme Building Contest

With the end of summer and us moving into fall we have decided to host another build contest The theme this time around will be Aquatic. Can’t wait to see all the new submissions with the blocks in 1.13!!


- This is a shared event across all realms and there will be a total of three winners. The submissions will be rated by the event team and the top three will receive a prize.
- All submissions must be your own work (no plagiarism)
- Must follow the theme (aquatic)
- Must be within a 3x3 chunk (please use f3+g to check as we will be looking at the size of it)
- Contest starts on the starts on 17 August 2019 and will ends on 31 August 2019
- The builds need to be 100% new. Anything built before the start date will not be considered when judging happens.

The contest will end on 31 August. Please post all your submissions below 


1st place: x7 Summer Keys/Pillager Keys and $70k In-Game Money

2nd place: x4 Summer Keys/Pillager Keys and $40k In-Game Money

3rd place: x2 Summer Keys/Pillager Keys and $20k In-Game Money

To sign up for the event, post your images builds here!

Looking forward to all of your wonderful creations 

Luminex Update [ 3.4 ]

PengBread OWNER posted Aug 2, 19

Gettings everyone
Today I like to present you a few new updates for both realms!


Town Wars

We have added a new system where you can fight with other towns in 3 types of gamemode/arenas. You can bet the amount of money you want and when you win you'll receive the money! If you lose , you'll loose the money. The minimum requirement for towns to participate in the war is 3 members [ at the moment ]. There will be 3 types of gamemode which is CTF, KOTH and Deathmatch. For more info type /tw.

There is no grief or anything related to raiding in this war.


Pillager Crate

After a long time, Edrien has finally received a new crate. The Pillager crate, where you can get fox spawners, new item sets, panda spawners and many more! Get them today before its too late! This crate will only be available for 1 month which is until September.

Purchase them at - store.luminexmc.com today!

August Sale
15% Off everything on store. This sale is only until August 14.