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New Logo

PengBread OWNER posted Jul 8, 19

New Logo, Server & Discord icon

As you might have noticed we have updated our logo, server icon and all of our store images. We hope you like the new looks  :)

Summer Event

PengBread OWNER posted Jul 1, 19

Summer Event

Hello fellow Luminians,
Summer Event is finally here! We will be hosting a few events here! Here are the list of events we're doing for this Summer.

Summer Event

There are 10 Summer Quests at the spawn near a certain beach location. Speak to Town Mayor to get started! She is located somewhere in the Spawn. These quests will reward you Summer Coins. There are 3 quest you can redo daily.

What are summer coins?

These are Custom Currencies for the Summer Event which can be used to purchase Limited Summer items.

Summer Crate

As Throne crate been removed, we have added a new themed crate which is the Summer Crate! Check it out at the warp crates. To get the keys, you have to purchase it at the server store or various ways in the server.

STORE: www.luminexmc.buycraft.net

Building Contest

We are having a Summer Themed Building contest. Think you are skilled and can win the contest? Join now! This contest will hold for 2 weeks. To join the contest, head over to the Contest thread and follow the format.


Summer Sale
There will be a 25% off everything in store for 2 weeks. Every purchase made will be given a Rare key too!
The sale is until 14th June.

Lastly, Resource world, Nether and End World has also been reset.
That's all, thank you for reading and playing in Luminex. We hope you have a great time!