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Summer Update

PengBread OWNER posted Jul 30, 18

Ahoy fellow Luminians! The Summer Update is finally here!

What are the Updates?

Summer tickets
Collect these tickets and exchange them at the Event Trader!
There are quite a few ways on getting them.

How to get them?
- Timed Boss Raids
- Summer Envoys
[ About the envoy, its an Enchantment table called "Summer Crate". So be sure to look for an enchantment table with holograms on top when the event starts! The crates only drop between 100 - 2500 blocks away from the resource world spawn.]
- Mini Bosses

A new feature has been added. There will be daily challenges, these challenges ends every 24 hours and starts a new one later. Players are required to do the certain action to win the challenges. The player with the most points/counts wins the challenge will be rewarded after the challenge ends.

Sparky Crate
A new crates has been added! This crate will only be in the server for a short period. This crate has collectibles inside [ ex: Thor set ]. Get them now in the store before its too late! 

Aurain Update
- Quest Scrolls has been added.

Sorry for the delay.

Regarding 1.13

PengBread OWNER posted Jul 29, 18

There's been many players asking when will the server update to 1.13?

When will server update to 1.13?
It will take quite awhile as most of the server plugin isn't updated to 1.13 yet. We'll have to wait until the plugins are updated to 1.13. Upgrading the server is risky, and we could lose some data - this is why we are waiting until it's safe to do so.