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Luminex 3.0 [ Aurain Update ]

PengBread OWNER posted Mar 2, 19

Thank you for being patient as we are putting together Luminex's 3.0 update! It is with great excitement that we begin announcing some of the updates/changes leading up to the full release.

GOAL: Our goal for Luminex 3.0 is to create an exciting, adventurous, and bug-free experience for old and new players! There are many current bugs that need fixing, which we ensure will be resolved with this release, but also new things we want to add to spice up the survival experience.

1.) To help with this, our first step is removing any plug-ins or features that are creating issues for the server, whether that is lag, continuous issues, no purpose, etc. With this comes the removal of slimefun & slotmachine. Don't worry just yet if these are plug-ins you enjoyed, they will be replaced by amazing features to be announced! (Edrien + Aurain)

2.) Aurain is overflowing w/ old data, tons of abandoned towns, and other things that are causing lag. We will be conducting a
full reset for Aurain ONLY.
- Purchases bought since December, 2018 will be compensated
- All store-bought ranks will be transferred

New crate and vote systems! To amp-up the crates, there will be many new things added to them, as well as an exciting voting system that offers more rewards. (Edrien + Aurain)

Dungeon rework: Aurain will be receiving a new, adventurous dungeon system! This will be more RPG-focused, with new mobs and loot.

New rank system: We will be introducing tree ranks to Aurain! With more flexibility to choose your perk when ranking up, tree ranks will offer a few options upon ranking up where you can choose your rank-up perk! Leading up to the update, more information will be announced. For now, we leave you with this and hope our players understand the need for changes and are open to new and exciting features!

Luminex Staff Team

Luminex Updates

PengBread OWNER posted Feb 18, 19

Hello fellow Luminians,

I'm pretty sure most of you are thinking why is there no more updates anymore for Luminex. To answer your question, there's actually an incoming big update coming later.

That's all.