Upon joining the server, it is highly recommended to thoroughly read through the rules to avoid any punishment.
The server rules have been written to maintain a fun, positive, and friendly community and to ensure that players have the best experience possible on Luminex!
If you have any questions about the rules or anything you would like to see added to the rules, please contact a staff member or submit a forum thread.

We encourage players to communicate their thoughts to staff to make the best set of rules for you.

Failure to have read or known the rules is not an excuse to break them. Usage of this excuse in any punishment appeal will result in a denial.

All warnings and punishments given by our staff team are decided by the discretion of the staff team. If punished unfairly, file a post on the forums and it will be reviewed.


Rule 1 -

No cheating of any kind is allowed on Luminex, including but not limited to:

No cheating of any kind will be allowed on the server. This includes any hacked clients such as x-ray or click aimbot, x-ray texture packs, as well as macros that give players an unfair advantage.
Do not abuse any bugs, exploit the server’s features or duplicate items for personal gain in any way that can be considered unfair or unjust. Abuse of this kind may result in a balance reset.
Only three accounts may be used per IP. Contact an administrator to look into the situation if you have more than three players in your household.
Usage of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) will result in an immediate and permanent account ban.
Using any account but your main account in dungeons/event related activities to gain more items/money than other players is not allowed.
No glitching to areas that are not allowed to in such as ( Nether roof top )
/Fly and Slimeboots will not be used in areas designated not to do such as Dungeons, PVP Arena and others places which will have signs saying not allowed. If you are unsure if you are able to use these commands in a specific area, ask a staff member.

Dungeon Rules -
- No enderpearl / elytra / slimeboot
- No usebug to sethome at a dungeon
- No loot theft
- No usebug to keep the boss away from you while attacking him

Use of these things in an unauthorized area will result in a strip of item or donator rank.

Rule 2 -

No advertisement will be tolerated, specifically:

Do not mention, or attempt to bypass mentioning, the name of any server other than Luminex.
Do not try to bring other players to a different Minecraft server in any way.
Do not mention the IP, or attempt to bypass mentioning the IP, of any server other than Luminex. The staff takes this offense very seriously.
Do not try to advertise any social media account in an attempt to gain a following. Other links may be sent between friends with permission from the staff.

Rule 3 -

No racism or homophobia, warnings and mutes WILL be issued.
Poor treatment of- or violence against people because of their race or sexual orientation.
This includes any terms deemed derogatory, racist, homophobic, sexist, or any variant of said terms. Any use, including casual use will not be tolerated. Warnings and mutes will be issued.
This applies to any form of communication. If attempting to bypass a chat mute, you will receive a ban of equal severity.

Rule 4 -

Chat will never be used for any of the following reasons:

Spamming, or excessively repeating the same or similar message in chat
The excessive use of swearing and capital letters
The use of any derogatory, discriminatory, or negative language directed at any player/staff will not be tolerated.
The impersonation of other players or staff members
Begging for money/items
The discussion of any political/controversial topics
Using a username, nickname, or prefix that is inappropriate, discriminatory, etc. (You must remove said title if directed by a staff member)
The discussion of any topic that would cause any conflict or “drama” in chat
Arguing in global chat (If you wish to argue, use a private chat to settle the disagreement)
English only in General/Public Chat

Rule 5 -

Being AFK for a player’s personal gain is not allowed on Luminex, specifically:

The construction/use of an AFK pool
The construction/use of an AFK farm (any farm that does not require a player to interact to be able to harvest/kill) This is to preserve our economy and prevent players from making money without doing any work. We do allow semi-automatic farms as those still requires some manual labour. Examples of semi-auto farms can be a farm where you have to press a button to harvest and then manually collect and replant.

The use of a chicken farm is allowed, as long as it follows the rule of only 2 chickens per 1 hopper.

Rule 6 -
Player Respect

Chat and actions on Luminex must remain positive and respectful to both player’s and staff.
Being respectful to others is mostly done by using common sense, characterized by or showing politeness or deference.
Treat other players with a sense of dignity. If players are conducting a trade, allow them to do so privately. If staff members are conducting their duties, allow them to do so without impeding.
Pushing players who are trying to build in their town is a form of harassment. Standing in the way while they are trying to build something in their town is harassment as well.
Keep builds appropriate
Remain family-friendly, we have a wide variety of ages on the server
No threats towards the server will be tolerated
Respectful chat and actions towards others

Rule 7 -
Griefing or Stealing

A player will not alter any building or terrain of another player’s, no matter its condition.

Do not break, place, or set fire to blocks that you do not own inside your town without permission from the plot owner.
Do not kill another player’s mobs without their permission.
Do not steal items from others without their permission. If a player drops an item by accident and you pick it up, you must return the item upon request.
The stealing and deconstruction of builds in an unclaimed territory is strictly not allowed even though its not claimed.
Do not intentionally inconvenience the expansion of a town by building or breaking within 20 blocks of any claim in the main world. For example, do not excavate large holes / build walls around a claim to halter their progress.
Griefing in Nether, End and Resource world is allowed.
Do not kill another player on their property (Unless they agreed to pvp)
Do not kill or steal another player’s animals/pets.

Rule 8 -

The following explains the distance one must be away from a claimed town in order to build.

Do not claim a chunk of land within 6 chunks [100 blocks] of another town’s claim/another person's builds. In the event of a dispute due to a violation of this rule, the two town mayors may either come to an agreement, or the rule-breaker will be forced to remove the disputed claim(s) and anything on it.
Do not remain on someone else’s private land if they have asked you to leave the premises.
As a mayor, do not scam residents for items, services, or money. The property of a resident is not necessarily the property of the mayor.
A mayor may post a set of their own town rules, as long as they do not conflict with the server rules.
Residents who have been inactive for 14 days or more may have their locked items such as chests and furnaces removed by a Mod.
If a compromise can be reached between the town mayor and the second player building near the town can be made, the build may stay. But if the town mayor does not agree to a compromise the player had 48 hours to leave the area. Failure to do so will result in punishment.
Do not put any inappropriate names as Town/Nation name.

Mayors who have been inactive for twenty days may have their town ownership claimed by the Town Assistant with help from an Admin. If there is no Town Assistant, the oldest town member may claim it.

Rule 9 -

No scamming of any kind will be tolerated, including:

Intentional stealing during transactions of in-game items for in-game cash/items
Offering unjust deals to other players
Taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of some newcomers
Do not rename items in auctions with intent to deceive.
Do not set unreasonable starting prices or increments to get people to pay absurd prices for items.
Scam other players for money, items, donations, land, or services. Broadly, a scam is considered any dishonest scheme.
Setting the bid increasement to an unreasonable amount in the auction

Rule 10 -
Making Money

The following rules regarding money will be followed at all times:

A player will not attempt to sell in-game items for real life currency of any sort.
(Players found in violation of this rule will be banned and legal prosecutions will be filed against the seller.)
A player will not “chargeback” a donation to the server.
(The attempt of any chargeback will result in a ban.)
Transactions of in-game items or currency for a Luminex donation is allowed

Donator Rules

Upon donating to the server, you are agreeing that any violation of these rules will result in a possible strip of donator rank.

Do not abuse /fix by fixing the equipment of a player without access to the /fix command.
Do not brag or boast about your donator rank
Donators cannot use the /nick command inappropriately or to impersonate another player
Donators cannot use the /fly command in areas designated not to do so, such as dungeons, boss sites, and all pvp combat

Rule 11 -
Alternate accounts

Alternate accounts are not allowed, as they give that player unfair advantages in many aspects of the game, and can be used to bypass mutes, bans, and jails.
Sharing the same IP with a friend or sibling is fine.


No Pigmen Portal Farms - This causes terrible lags and fps issues.
Maximum 10 spawners per chunk
When replying to a post, stupid or annoying comments, that are rude to ones post, are not allowed. One should only give positive criticism or a positive attitude towards the other. Anything disrespectful in the forums will result in punishment.