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Server shop?

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An idea is a server owned shop where you would buy items as well as sell items, this makes hard to get items, diamonds, emeralds, etc. a little easier to obtain, the prices probably wouldn't be low, but it would assist people making big builds or people trying to finish that quest they have been doing for a few days, I hope you take my idea into consideration. Thanks!
Posted Sep 28, 18 · OP
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There's this thing called "voting" It basically gives you 16 diamonds whenever you do it (At least on Ederien) So if you vote for the server, I think you may find those hard to get items a little easier to get! :)

Also, most quests involve killing off mobs, not obtaining items.

But I do understand your point about big builds, I like this idea, but I don't think it's first priority in the grand scheme of ideas, because as of now, it would really only serve one purpose.
Posted Oct 27, 18