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Your greatest and perhaps funniest memories of Minecraft

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Greetings people!

We all create memorable memories that we keep to us throughout time, memories that have made us happy and memories that have made us laughed. You think about it sometimes and then you giggle, sometimes you think and say to yourself "How childish of me" or "Haha, those were good times".

So lets perhaps try to remember the great memories of Minecraft! The game that we all play and love!

Id first like to tell you my story of a funny moment when I was very young, in fact, I was only 8 years old at that time, a very dumb 8 year old : P.
It all began when my cousin had installed Minecraft on my computer, I was so excited because I had played it on his computer when I visited him and I loved playing it, so he installed it on my computer because he had stopped playing it, and thus he gave away his account to me.

When he had installed Minecraft on my computer, he had also downloaded something that is similar to the mod "Too many items", but it really did not work the same. Since Minecraft at that time were only in a Beta Version, there did not exist any "creative" mode and thus if you wanted to get your hands on items, you had to download a certain type of mod or you could grind it through survival mode. For you who don't know what the mod "Too many items" is, it's a mod that allows you to access every item and block in the whole game, its a very common mod that exists in almost every modpack.

Moving on.
So when my cousin left, he had told me how to access the "mod", and I remember that I "cheated" diamond blocks into my inventory so that I could build my very first "castle". I remember it faintly but it looked somewhat like this ( I have attached 2 files )

So as you can see, there's a big wall around my "Castel" which is to protect myself from monsters that existed back then, which was the very scary "Creeper", the "Spider", the "Zombie" and the "Skeleton"
But back then I did not even know anything about mobspawn, that mobs spawned in the dark, so I did not keep my place well-lit up, bad move.

So when I was in my house, in the "Main" part of the castle, I could hear a damn Spider make its noise (TSSSSSHHHHHHHT), and at that time, I did not even know that a spider even existed, so when I looked out of my window, I could see A HUGE spider that had spawned in my castle, which surprised me and scared the absolute crap out of me. It was even dark which made me even more scared because I could its red eyes lit up in the dark, hahaha I still remember the face gesture that I had when I saw the spider. After I saw the spider, I wanted to go check on it, see what it was.

Well, to sum it up, I died because I was so scared LMAO, my PvE skills didn't really peak at that time. Later on, when I spawned beside the bed inside my castle, a damn creeper had spawned there too! So I ran as fast as I could to the "Safe room", which is the bookshelf room that you can see in the picture.

Well the story ended with my house being overwhelmed by monsters, I was really afraid to fight them, so I left that house.
Bahahah, all these great memories, damn, this game has given me so much, creativity, happiness, it even helped me learn english a lot!

So what is your story? What interesting memory do you remember that you can share? A memory that you still remember to this day!
Let me know, Id really like to read your story!

Have a nice day
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Posted Nov 19, 18 · OP · Last edited Nov 19, 18
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My funniest memory happened a few days ago. I was playing on a minecraft server(not luminex) and I was mining in the nether. I had a sharp 5 sword. A luck of the sea 3 and lure 3 book. I fell into lava and lost it all
Posted Feb 8, 19