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New Event Ideas!

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Hello Luminians!

Today, I will be suggesting event implementation, new chat plug-ins, etc.

[upcoming event ideas] Easter! The server can have an event that starts a week before Easter and ends the week after that implements the following:

- Easter Eggs that can be traded to a system similar to the Christmas Advent Calendar (Eggs can be hidden throughout spawn, or the World, possibly given away by the Advent Calendar)
- Easter Crate and Keys (Rewards consist of new titles such as #Bunny, Blacksmith Items, Money, Bunny Disguise, and/or Bunny Equipment. Ex. Easter Bunny's Basket) .
- Edible Easter Candy (maybe craftable in SF)

Luminian Month! This event will be during the month that Bread founded the server of Luminex! (It may just last one month, week, or even the exact date the server was founded). This could implement the following:

- Key/Player Point Giveaway on the Discord Server (Mythics and Rares) Maybe even a single donor rank giveaway for seasoned players!
- Bread-themed Equipment (Ex. A sword named Baguette, or a Bread Disguise similar to the Snow Ball/Firework)
- A Month-Lasting x1.5 Job Boost
- A Contest for Bread/Luminex Themed Builds (Winners recieve Mythic Keys and/or Blacksmith Items)

Lottery Plug-in! This chat plug-in will hold a daily Lotto that allows players to buy tickets that contribute to the Jackpot! There will be a limit to the number of tickets a player is allowed to buy in order to give the noobies a chance, and to make sure that seasoned players do not have an unfair advantage.

This Daily event may boost the overall morality of active players while allowing new ones a chance for a boost that puts them ahead of the game! Because Luminex already uses Spigot, this may be slightly easier to implement to the server. (Available to both 1.12 and 1.13)

Link to Lottery Plug-in:

Thanksgiving! This Weeklong Event will be held the the week of Thanksgiving (Of Course) and may implement the following:

- Thanksgiving themed titles (ex: #Turkey)
- Thanksgiving themed build/drawing competitions.
- The Turkey Crate. (Rewards can be money, equipment, tags, and a few already named for the previous event listings)

Black Friday! (or Cyber Monday) Pretty self explanatory, a discount in the server shop on one/both of those days.

But Most of All, the thing I wish to return the most is:


Thank you everyone for taking your time to read this thread! (Sorry about any spelling/grammatical errors)

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Posted Feb 17, 19 · OP
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Arcadyen ADMIN
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Thank you for the great suggestions! We will be most definitely looking at these and seeing what we can implement for the players! :d
Posted Feb 17, 19