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Server Update 2.3 ( 26 October 2017 )

By PengBread OWNER - Posted Oct 25, 17

Hello fellow players, today I'm bringing a new update again!

New Job - Enchanter

If you love enchanting items, this will be a suitable job for you! Enchant items to get money through this job!

New Repair System

This new repair system replaces the "Repairman" in the blacksmith

New Crate - SEASONAL Crate

This is a seasonal crate, every season the prizes will be changed! You can get the keys through the store.

Other Updates:
- Almost every jobs got buffed
- Some bug fixes.
- Edited /faq menu and /help now opens up the FAQ menu.
- New TAB info

Incoming updates
- Mob Arena
- Bank
- New Envoy location
- Fishing Competition duration increase to 10 minutes.