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A New Beginning n issues happened

By PengBread OWNER - Posted Oct 25, 17

Sorry for telling this guys, all the files in the server got deleted. This was caused by the hoster doing a mistake on a "Request for cancelation". I have 2 servers online in my invoice and I requested a cancelation on the old server " which was a shared one" as Luminex already changed to a Dedicated Server. The mistake was the hoster did not change the Multicraft panel to the dedi server and then the multicraft executed "delete server files" on the old server then it affect the dedi server too. I do not have any back ups as the files are around 100gb + total. I am very sorry for what have happened. My decision right now is to redo the whole server as I still have the setups etc. Just consider this as a reset. The server will be back up in a few days or maybe a week.


A new beginning.

It’s time. A new beginning. A new Luminex.

The server will be reset, and with it, many changes and improvements will come along.

This is the official confirmation, that server will reset. A feature overview along with a changelog will be posted a few days prior to the server launch.



Q: What about all our buildings and items?

I have read every single post, on every single thread about reset, and I know some of you are upset about losing all your hard work. Unfortunately I can't do anything about it as the All the files in the Dedicated Machine got deleted...


Q: What about all my donator items? (ranks/keys/claims/etc.)

Your donator rank will remain. All of the donor rank perks will remain the same. All trails/titles will remain. Nickname, Jobs Package, and package will all remain. TownyClaims will be refunded. We ask that once the server is out, and you have a new town, submit a ticket and we will reimburse your purchased TownyClaims.

All keys purchased on or after October 1, will be reimbursed on request.


Q: Why even do the reset?

All the files was deleted by Luminex server Hoster by accident.  There are no backups or anything as the files were too big 100gb+.

Q: What exactly will reset?

In short. Everything. This is going to be a new beginning. A new chapter in the history of Luminex. The donator ranks/purchases above will remain. Your points will be transferred as mentioned above, but everything else will be reset.

Q: What will change?

New Tier Drops Plugin

New Spawn

and more!

As the reset is now official, if you have any questions, make a thread and I will reply as soon as possible.