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Luminex - 2.0 Changelog

By PengBread OWNER - Posted Nov 17, 17

This is the official list of updates and changes happening in 2.0. This document only contains the important and noticeable changes that are happening for this major update. The update is available on 24th November.


All the server ranks have gone through a small changes. The prices to rankup has been increase and some of the perks has been changed. Do /ranks to check them out in-game.


There have also been made a few changes to Jobs on the server. Voyager Job has been removed and Enchanter job has been added.

Tiered Drop Item System

The previous tiered drop system has been changed to a new and better tiered drop system, this new system has more stats and skills in the weapons! 

Mob Arena

Mob Arena has finally come to the server! There will be one arena only for now, more will be added soon~ Do /ma in game for more info! There is also a Mob Arena shop, you can get nuggets through killing mobs inside and exchange items!

Other changes
- Nivaran has been removed
- Relic drop amount has been decreased to make artifact tiered items rarer
- New Town Creation price changed to $500
- New Nation Creation price changed to $300k
- Upkeep of town changed to 200$ and Nation to 3500$
- New Market build
- New Spawn [coming soon]
- Book of Tomes removed
- Winter Crate Added

MidnightLocus [TrialMod -> Moderator]
YtJirah [Demoted from being a staff]

Besides this, we have a lot of custom content in the works that unfortunately is unlikely to make it 22th November, however, everything unfinished will release in the weeks following the launch of 2.0. This is an exciting time for Luminex, and besides all these new features and changes, we have a lot more coming for you very soon~ Be sure to hype for the new features :)