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The New Realm - Edrien

By PengBread OWNER - Posted Jun 22, 18

Greetings fellow Luminians!
Over the last few months, Edrien realm is being developed. This is a new server for Luminex.
A new realm that uses Grief Prevention as protection system instead of towny coming soon.

In this realm, there will still be having the same features as the Towny Server [ Aurain Realm ] and also some newly implented features. This server will be having less "pay 2 win" stuffs and more balanced on the jobs payout etc. 

Common Questions:

Donor rank transferation -
Only players that bought ranks for the towny server a month ago will be allowed to transfer their ranks. Once transfered there will be no change of decisions.

What will happen to Aurain [ Towny Server ]
Nothing will happen. The server will still be around.

When will Edrien Realm be released?
30th June.