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Edrien Realm

By PengBread OWNER - Posted Jun 28, 18

Edrien Realm
Finally, Edrien realm has been released! It is a completely new world with a more balanced gameplay for you to enjoy!

Edrien has most of the same features as our Aurain realm [ Towny ] along with new features and improvements to the existing ones. Lots of features have been revamped giving you a new and more balanced gameplay!


Grief Prevention
In Edrien, we are using Grief Prevention for this server to ensure players has a more peaceful and no griefing gameplay. Previously in towny, there are quite a lot of trouble makers that loves to grief which pissed of quite a lot of players in Luminex. This plugin is similar to Towny but you dont have to create a town to claim your land. All you have to do is use a golden shovel and right click 2 corners that you want to claim then type /claim!

Quest Scrolls

We have changed Quests to Quests Scrolls. These scrolls can be bought from Quest Master with 500 XP. There will be 3 tieres which is Common , Rare and Epic. Each tiers gives different rewards. The higher the tier the better your reward is!

We have officially balanced the jobs even more to prevent the server's economy go hard dead easilly. You might think the jobs payout is low at first but once you get higher levels you'll know why. Other than that, we implented a reward on level 50 jobs. You'll be able to get your jobs tag once you're level 50 on your certain jobs. Do /tags to activate it once you're level 50 in your jobs!


We have added 2 new crates which are, Rank Up Crate and Boss Crate. These crates can be obtained from
- Rank up to get rankup crate
- Fight boss to get Boss Crate.

Blacksmith changes

We have implented Set Items in the blacksmith, armours in blacksmith have special set effects which makes the armours now very strong.


There will be only 23 in-game ranks only in this realm.

Spawner Kill Count

In Realm of Edrien, you will be able to get a mob spawner after you killed a certain amount of mobs! do /spawnerstats for more info!

Beta Reward

Collect your beta tag before its too late! The beta tag npc will be gone in 1 week!

Other Updates:
- You can now obtain Linium ore through quest scrolls, mining stones, digging dirt/sands.
- Donor ranks no longer giving kits and fly perk [ To ensure a less pay 2 win ]
- Divine and Legendary tiered items no long dropped by monsters. You'll have to get them through crafter from now on. This is to preserve the rareness of the items.
- Dungeon boss gives more relic. [ D1 Boss > 3 Relics, D2 boss > 5 Relics, D3 Boss > 10 Relics]
- New Raid Boss [ Nivaran ]
- Removed /fly and kits from donor ranks