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Update v2.0.6

By PengBread OWNER - Posted Sep 1, 18

Ouros Boss

A new boss has been added. Ouros the boss which is a powerful boss which is stronger than all the bosses in the server, so it's recommended to take him on with some friends. The Boss can be purchased through the server store and a certain method in the server.

You are required to damage at least 10% of the bosses health in damage to qualify for any of the rewards listed below.‚Äč
  • 1st - 2 Mythic Keys + Rare chance of getting the Ouros's Sword
  • 2nd - 1 Mythic Key + Rare chance of getting the Ouros's Sword
  • 3rd - 1 Rare Key

- If there is any issues, please report them to me.
- The Ouros's sword drop rate is pretty rare. If it drops, it instantly gets put in your inventory. Do not expect that you will obtain the sword easilly.
- Abusing the boss will get you punished, by abusing meaning damaging the boss in a way where the boss does not target you such as [ Pet Sitting Trick etc ]

Key Fragments
Players can now obtain key fragments through mining stones, digging dirts and sands. These key fragments can be used to exchange for crate keys at the Key Collector. The chances of getting these fragments are very low. So good luck!

Medieval Crate

A new seasonal crate has been added. This crate contains the Arthur set which is a powerful collectible set. You can only get the keys through purchasing at the server store.

CLAIM BLOCK CRATE [ Only in Edrien]
Claim blocks can now be obtained through this crate. To get the keys you can get it from Vote crate.

Other Updates
- Gems and Runes are now working back properly.
- Sparky key removed from server store.
- Added a new map, Boss Arena
- Disabled Fishing Contest Timer Bar due to kicking players using 1.13 clients.
- Removed Unbreaking Attribute on new tiered items. [ IT was supposed to be like that but previously i can't find the solution to disable it. ]
- Crates area has been moved. Use /warp crates to get to there.