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Halloween Update - [ v 2.0.8 ]

By PengBread OWNER - Posted Oct 11, 18

Greetings everyone...

Today.... It is time for the halloweeeeen updateeee. The Halloween update is here, with plenty of things to do and earn! Our original plan is to release on the 20th but then we decided to release it earlier by 5 days! Thank you for being patience waiting for the event and here it is! Below are the notes of what's been added.

Halloween Quest Storyline

An evil presence has appeared in the Town of Luminex. You job is to solve the mystery right there. Can you solve the mysteries of it? 
Once you're in the event area. Speak to Townsman to get started!

Halloween Event Currency
Halloween candy

Autumn Leaf

A new set of currency which only being used in halloween event.

Halloween Items

Fear no more! The halloween colletibles are available here! Collect them before its too late! You can purchase those items on top of the Big Tree at the Halloween Event Area. 

Halloween Tag

Want some halloween tags? Collect them at the Halloween event area!

Halloween Crate

A new season themed crate has been release. Inside this crate contains a set of incredibly spooky and powerful evil energy contained equipments. You can get the keys through the halloween event or from the Luminex Store!

New Fishes
4 New fishes has been added. These fishes only appear during this period of Halloween Event.
List of Fishes
- Zombie Fish and Skeleton Fish [ Common ]
- Angler Fish [ Rare ]
- Vampire Squid [ Epic ]
- Goblin Shark [ Legendary ]

How to get to halloween area?
First of all. go to the server spawn and then speak to the Pumpkin Head npc!

Poof. Tada! You're there.

Event will be up until November 5.

Lastly, there is a Halloween Sale in our Luminex Store on-going starting today until 29th October! Get what you yearn for a long time now before its too late! Also there will be a 1 free Rare key for every purchase you make!

Thanks for being part of Luminex this October!
We hope to see you in game finding ghosts, doing exclusive quests and most importantly... HAVING FUN!

Credits -
I would like to thank the staff team for planning and building the map for the halloween map. If it wasn't for you guys planning the event, there wouldn't be such big halloween event. Thank you for using your time on doing it.

Hisoka7 - The head builder of the Halloween map
Arcadyen - Assisting on building the halloween map.
Ch40sDe1ta - Assisting on building the halloween map.
Stitcherooo - Helped with planning and many more.

and the rest of the staff team for testing the event.