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Luminex 3.0 - SEASON 3 update

PengBread OWNER posted Fri at 13:01

Greetings fellow Luminians,
Finally, today is the release date of Luminex 3.0! Thank you for your patience and below will be the patch notes.


New artifact weapons, armor and many more!


Dungeons have been revamped. Now we have 5 Level of Dungeons. Each level has their own respective theme.
Do you think you can survive these messy dungeons?


Diseases add a brand new feature to your gameplay! Craft immunities, avoid deathly illnesses, and bring chaos to your minecraft towns with this new addition!


Ranks have been reworked! It is now a tree ranked system. Tree ranks offer exciting, customizable features to your gameplay! Be able to pick and choose the path you take and experience a wide variety of perks!

Jobs has been reworked. To balance out the server economy, the payout has been lowered alot.

Store Ranks
Store ranks has been reworked, all the perks for Aurain realm donor rank has been changed. Check them out at luminexmc.buycraft.net

Keep Inventory
To make the server more survival-ish, we have decided to turn off keep inventory. Keep inventory has been turned off on all worlds except Dungeons.

Mcmmo has been updated and there are plenty of things added in. Do explore it!

Overworld custom mobs
A few aggressive type mobs has been added. Find them by travel around the world of Luminex!

Store Purchases Info
For those who have bought keys during december, your keys will be given a week later to prevent economy brokage/abuse.

Other updates
- Server Reset
- Sell Shop price change
- New Spawn
- New PvP Arena
- New Mypet ladders
- Reaction reward edit

Lastly, many thanks to all my staffs for helping with the development of Luminex 3.0
Especially to Arcadyen and x313.

Luminex Season 3 - Update

PengBread OWNER posted Apr 15, 19

Luminex 3.0 - Aurain Update

s announce long ago, the Aurain is having a reset. 
This is a hard reset, some things will change others will stay the same. 
In this post we want to highlight a few things to hopefully answer your questions.

The date is set! 
We are aiming to have the new server rolled out on the 20th!

Updates and Changes

Please understand that we are not going to release information about all changes (even when asked).

- Focusing more on Towny
- Better Dungeons
- New Ranks System
- New and Updated Crates
- New Builds
- New Currencies
- Ranks Rehaul
- Updated Store
- Lots of plugin updates and fixes
- Reduced Store Prices
- Balanced Economy and Gameplay
- More Rpg Contents
and many more.


Of course the biggest worry of all players.
"Will I lose my purchases?" - The answer NO. 

With this reset we are giving you back all ranks you have purchased. This also means anything that came with the ranks (other then items that were removed)

What you will get back: - Ranks, Perks (Other then those removed), Tags and Keys [ Only applies to players purchased during the December and follow on ]

What you won't get back: - Towny items, McMMO Points, Keys and anything won in game.

Q: Why are we resetting? 
A: The server has been long open and has recently lost a lot of the players due to economy issues , world issues, things gets boring after a long time. 

Q: When will staff applications open? 
A: As soon as the new season is live!

Q: What will happen to things bought with points?
A: Anything bought in game, with in game currency will not be returned. This is for many reasons but mostly to keep the game fair and give everyone the same start. [ Except perks ]

Q: Can I have a copy of the world to save my builds?
A: No, sending a copy of the world is not in my interest and I won't do it. Furthermore, the file is large.

Q: Is the server going to close while you reset it?
A: The server will be closed on Tuesday (18th) to be reopened on Saturday (20th).

Q: How do we know you won't reset again in a few months?
A: Well, you don't. Resets can happen for a number of reasons, most of those reasons deal with something that can only be fixed if the server is reset. Although, as long as our economy stays intact, our server stays positive and the community reports bugs, glitches and exploits without abusing them, the server will stay on Season 3 for a very long time.

Thank you for being patient as we are putting together Luminex's 3.0 update! It is with great excitement that we begin announcing some of the updates/changes leading up to the full release.

GOAL: Our goal for Luminex 3.0 is to create an exciting, adventurous, and bug-free experience for old and new players! There are many current bugs that need fixing, which we ensure will be resolved with this release, but also new things we want to add to spice up the survival experience.